Who We Are

Who We Are


We are a Café and Coffee shop located at Clapham Junction Railway Station. Being the first strictly Vegan & predominantly vegan gluten-free cafe in London. Designed to bring you grab and go, healthy nutritious food and natural food in comfortable surroundings. On the 16th January 2017, Without Café opened it’s doors to the public, with high hopes of changing the way we look at veganism and gluten-free veganism,  in London.

We wanted it to be an easier experience for those with allergies, intolerances or just the choice to improve health and not consume animals for food.

Without Café is a not just a business. It’s the wholehearted belief of the founders that eating vegan & gluten free should be just as easy as the opposite! We want to make it easier to avoid fast food that’s bad for you. We make take pride in taking care of your food, so you don’t have to worry about it. All our artisan food is freshly prepared each day so that your only getting the greatest, freshest taste and the highest nutrition. Prioritising your health & nutrition is our aim because we know the secret to great health & we want to share our guilt-free goodness!


At Without Café we pride ourselves on providing only the freshest, high-quality food available in largely recyclable or biodegradable packaging. Prepared without a sell-by date because we want our packaged products to be highly nutritious and fresh when you eat them. We try our best to avoid any if not all additives and preservatives in our food because we know that unless it’s natural, it’s not the best for you. This is where we coined the name;

‘Without Café – Without Meat, With Diary, Without Harm But With Love’

We have an exceptionally large organic range including our gluten free, crisps, nuts, raw cake and nibbles. To provide the best of what’s on offer for gluten free vegans, including panini’s, bagel’s, sandwiches and cakes. Without Café worry about your food so when you want to indulge don’t have too!



We only use natural swiss decaffeinated coffee because we know the dangers of caffeine which include a high risk of heart attack, high blood pressure and insomnia. All diseases which plague society in it’s extremety until this day. We also have a wide selection of powerful yet light herbal teas and even the sweet option of a turmeric latte.


How we feel about animals would be self-explanatory. We believe that animals should not risk there life just be food, we also believe that not eating animals is not only healthier but in some cases beneficial for the health and wellness of each individual. It’s also more sustainable and eco-friendly.

We believe that your heath is wealth and that natural food is almost like medicine. Boosting you rather then taking your energy away.


Without Cafe aims to be one of the first totally vegan and predominantly gluten free vegan café’s. We aim to provide the fastest, freshest vegan/gluten free artisan food available. We also want to share the values of the company with our customers. Getting everyone to eat as consciously as possible on the go! Encouraging truly healthy and allergy free food to be as easily accessible as just about everything else.

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